Our job over the next five to ten years is to provide a way to access these valuable resources in an intuitive, easy to use one-stop shop, and not to be afraid of running continual beta test where new services and functions can be added when necessary. To do this we need flexible, interoperable resource-discovery systems based on open source software. In addition, we must keep evaluating users' needs and reach out by adapting our systems to fit their requirements, rather than expecting them to come to us; indeed our very future depends on it.


TERMS: Techniques for Electronic Resource Management

TERMS has moved from a wiki to a WordPress blog because it is easier to update and maintain. Please let us know if you experience any problems with the new site.

Next up for TERMS is a Pre-Conference Workshop at AALL

Takeaway 1: Participants will be able to list the six workflows that comprise the TERMS framework.

Takeaway 2: Participants will be able to create a set of best practices for electronic resource management workflows within their individual libraries.

Most of us cope with our electronic resources, but how well do we really manage them throughout their entire life cycles, from first awareness of their existence until their cancellation or cessation? This workshop will build upon the February/March 2013 Library Technology Reports on “Techniques for Electronic Resource Management.” Led by the two authors of that report, this hands-on workshop will combine short lectures interspersed with small-group, hands-on work. Participants will develop the ability to create their own set of best practices for electronic resource management (ERM) that they can use within their own institutions.

Who should attend: Librarians at all organizational levels with responsibilities that involve investigating, acquiring, or evaluating the value of electronic information resources

SlideDeck from 2014 ER&L TERMS Workshop

TERMS: Techniques for Electronic Resource Management has been a developing crowdsourced project to provide the best practices for electronic resource management. This workshop will focus on the creation of workflows from the six functional areas of electronic resource lifecycle for varying types of resources: ebooks, ejournals/back-files/databases, and archive collections.

Electronic Resources & Libraries | 2014 Workshops

Hi All,

Thanks to those of you who have already registered for the TERMS workshop on 19 March 2014 in Austin, Texas. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone and creating workflows with you based on the TERMS sections. There is still time to register for our workshop and for the other interesting and exciting workshop programs offered by ER&L. The deadline to participate is rapidly approaching though, so sign up today!

All the best, Jill Emery & Graham Stone

Electronic Resources & Libraries | Wednesday #erl14 Workshops

Graham Stone and I will be giving a workshop on TERMS workflows at the closing of the Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference on 19 March 2014. Sign-up today if you’re interested in attending!

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